Saturday, November 1, 2008

Wilma-Look into my eyes

Look into Wilma's eyes and tell me that you don't think she is precious. Just try. Wilma is precious and her foster family just loves her. Wilma has been in greyhound boot camp here for a week now and what a difference a week makes. She is settling in very nicely and is such a pleasure to have around. She has learned that she needs to do her business outside, and she has the daily routine down quite well. She gets along very well with the resident greyhounds and is such a friendly and playful girl. She does still have some separation anxiety issues, although they seem to be a little less each day, so we would prefer to place her in a home that already has a greyhound. That way she will always have a buddy around to keep her company. Do you have a Fred to go with our Wilma? Would you like to have the cutest dog in your neighborhood? If so, please contact Denise Davis. Go on, just call. Don't be afraid. You know you want her. Just call.

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