Friday, November 28, 2008

Santa's Elf Wilma

Now that Thanksgiving has passed we are officially into the holiday season. Wilma has decided that she should be the best present ever found under the tree. Wilma has been making her list and checking it twice. Here is Wilma's list:

1)A loving home with a fun family

2)A family that will take her for lots of walks

3)A family that has a sense of humor and doesn't mind if she digs in the closet for toys(your clothes, we put up a baby gate to stop that).

4)A family that likes to laugh as Wilma provides comic relief every day.

5)A family that likes to pet greyhounds, as Wilma loves her pets, and can't get enough.

6)A family that wants the most beautiful dog in their neighborhood.


alex said...

Hi Stowe and Maria,
Wilma is indeed a sweetie (almost as good looking as Hero ;-)
But since we already denied you the pleasure of one perfect greyhound's company (by adopting Hero), we really couldn't do that to you again ;-)
Actually, it sounds like you are doing wonders with Wilma! We are all really impressed with how well she seems to be doing, we know that younger greyhounds can be full of energy (and mischief??)
Best Wishes
Alex, Hero, and the gang

Stephen said...

Gotta love the cow dogs! Best of luck Wilma. May you find your permanent home soon!

ykngld said...

Hi Stowe and Maria,

Thank you for the nice comments about our adoption of Garth. He is a really special gent with lots of life left in him at 10+.

I like Wilma's list, similar to the 6 Things I Do if Money Were No Object. I think SEGA needs to add similar lists to the adoptables Blogspots. It's a really cute idea!