Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

First, we would like to say thank you to everyone for all your support and kind words following the loss of our first greyhound, Cameo. It really means a lot to us and has helped a great deal. It has been a rough few days but we are determined to soldier on. We knew that Cameo wouldn't be with us for too much longer and we promised ourselves and we promised Cameo that we wouldn't stop volunteering for Greyhound Rescue and our work will be dedicated to her legacy. That is the least that we owe Cameo. Therefore, I now turn this blog back to our current foster greyhound, Wilma. Wilma has been with us for a month and has made great progress. Wilma's personality continues to come out each day and quite a personality it is. She is very young, full of life, and full of fun. If you want a boring dog, Wilma isn't the one for you. If you want a greyhound that likes to dance with you, nibble at your sleeves, and follow you everywhere, then Wilma just might be the dog for you. She is super friendly and is ready to make herself a full time member of her forever family. If you would like to meet Wilma, please contact Denise Davis at Greyhound Rescue Inc.

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Zan said...

I'm very sorry to hear of you recent loss. Having lost two greyhounds over the summer, I know exactly how you must be feeling. May the passage of time ease your pain and replace it with smiles and fond memeories of your precious heart dog Cameo.

Hugs and scritches to Wilma. She sounds like a very special pup!!