Friday, November 14, 2008

Wilma's public debut!

Tomorrow will be Wilma's public debut at our meet and greet at the PetSmart on Mountain Road in Pasadena. We will be there from 11-2, so if you would like to meet Wilma, come out and see us! Wilma is a bundle of joy and she just can't wait to meet her public and all her fans. Paris Hilton offered to come out but Wilma asked her not to as there is only room for one diva at the meet and greet. Wilma would like to say a few things on this post however she is too busy getting her spa treatment. After that she has an appointment with her stylist, and after that a meeting with her publicist. I really don't know how she handles her celebrity status so well. But in any case, she will be available for autographs and pets tomorrow at the meet and greet. Come out and see us!

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