Thursday, November 6, 2008

Rooftop Wilma-Just Chilling

Rooftop Wilma has been at the Hound Hotel for nearly two weeks now and she continues to make a lot of progress. She has learned most of the rules of the road of being a retired greyhound, and she is a lot of fun to have around the house. Wilma keeps us laughing all the time and she will have you laughing too, so if you like to go around with a frown on your face all the time, don't adopt this dog. If you have a sense of humor and want a greyhound to share that with you, then Wilma just may be your dog. Wilma is an active, young, and curious greyhound so she would like you to take her on nice walks so she can check out the whole world. There is a lot for her to see and she would like to see it all. If you would like to meet Rooftop Wilma, please contact Denise Davis at Greyhound Rescue Inc. In the meantime, enjoy the photos of Wilma, Joanie, and Cameo snoozing(top), and Wilma tanning on the deck(bottom). You can view Wilma's entire history by following this link:

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