Saturday, February 26, 2011

Still Waiting

Nessa is still waiting for her forever family. It is a little hard to believe that she hasn't been snapped up yet. Nessa is as good as a greyhound gets. She is a beautiful dog, perfectly behaved, and friendly as all get out. She has plenty of pep to her but she also knows how to relax. She is an all purpose hound that will make her future family wonder how they ever lived without her. No, she isn't two years old. So what? Nessa deserves a family just as much as any other hound, and she will earn her place in her future home. Need someone to sleep next to your bed with one eye open? Nessa fits the bill. Need someone to keep watch over your house while you are away? Nessa fits that bill too. Need someone to hang out with you while you watch TV? Nessa is perfect for that. Need someone to get you motivated to get off the couch and go for a walk? Nessa is your ticket. If you would like to meet Nessa, please contact Denise Davis.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Food Coma

Nessa is still hanging out at the Hound Hotel and she is doing a terrific job as a foster dog. She is pretty much like one of the resident hounds at this point. She is a superbly behaved dog, and is all kinds of fun to play with. She knows exactly when treat time is in the evenings and speaks up to let me know if I am so much as a minute late. She is an A+ hound. The weather is getting warmer so we plan on having some fun with her in the yard this week. We'll get out the stopwatch and get some lap times on her as she runs the backyard racetrack. Above is a photo of her after dinner. She is completely sacked out in a food coma with our boy Abe. If you would like to meet Nessa, please contact Denise Davis.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Nessa can roo!

We learned a funny thing about Nessa today. If you get her very excited, she will roo. I learned this when I had all the hounds around me and I was petting them all, getting them a little excited. She suddenly put her head back and began to roo. It was hilarious. Our dogs don't do that, so it was really funny to see her do that. Nessa has been here for a week now and she is doing great. She is an A+ dog. She is perfectly behaved, and we are having no issues at all with her. She just turned seven, but she has plenty of spunk left in her. She would like nothing better than to go on brisk walks and play in yard with her future family. She has learned our family routine quickly and seem just like one of the resident hounds already. She would do the same at your house. Would you like a perfect dog to join your family? Please call Denise Davis and schedule a meeting with Nessa. Above is a photo of Nessa just hanging out with the family.