Friday, May 7, 2010

Rudy runs, eats, and sleeps

Rudy has had a pretty good time at the Hound Hotel. He has made good use of the yard doing a lot of running and playing. He is a little bit of a finnicky eater, so we have solved that by putting some wet food, such as Alpo, on top of his dry food, and then he eats like a horse. After all of that he does what greyhounds do, he sleeps. He is a good boy and it is a pleasure to have him at the Hound Hotel for a week. He doesn't seem to mind it here but it is pretty obvious that he misses his family and he wants to go back home. He will in a couple of days. Maybe he can have the best of both worlds sometime when his parents bring him by for the afternoon for some playtime in the yard with the resident hounds and then he gets to go home and sleep in his own house. We will have to work on that. Maybe Loki can come too and we can have a nice reunion! Here are some videos of Rudy running, eating, and sleeping today, as greyhounds should.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Rudy came to visit!

Our former foster dog, Nitro Rudy, has come to rest his paws at the Hound Hotel while his mom and dad are on vacation. Even though we have rolled out the red carpet for him, he isn't too happy to be here right now. He really misses his family. He has been whining much of the afternoon and walking around looking for his family. It will take a bit of time, but he will get settled in here soon and start to enjoy himself. He has a yard to play in and the resident hounds to keep him company. It will be nice to have Rudy here for a little while. This will be all for this post as I have to go try to convice Rudy that he isn't back up for adoption, and that everything will be ok.