Sunday, July 6, 2008

DC Peanut-Adopted!!

Today has turned out to be a great day. Peanut, our little Peanut Butter, got adopted. Her new family came to see her and they loved her. We knew they would. Who wouldn't love little Peanut? Peanut is a sweetheart of a dog with a terrific personality and her new family will love her. We welcome them to the greyhound community and look forward to seeing them at the picnic. Peanut will have a big fenced in yard to play in and she is going to be a happy girl. We were sorry to see her go as we have had so much fun with her, but we are happy that she is going to a good place. Happy trails Peanut, we will see you soon!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Peanut got a boo boo

Peanut got a cut on the end of her tail yesterday, so we had to break out the greyhound first aid kit and do a little work on her. We cleaned up the cut, disinfected it, and wrapped up her tail. Even though the cut is only at the end of her tail, we have to wrap most of her tail to keep the wrap from coming off. Aunt Denise says the wrap should stay on for 2-4 weeks to be on the extra safe side so that it will heal up completely. The dogs have a tendancy to keep opening up the wound as they keep wagging their tails and hitting them on things, so the wrap will prevent that. Peanut doesn't mind the wrap at all and I think she actually liked all the attention she was getting when we put it on. She is such a good girl.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Star Flight-Adopted!!!!

Today truely turned out to be a day to celebrate. Star Flight's new family came and adopted him and he is off to his new home tonight. He probably thinks all the fireworks are for him. That is ok, as they ought to be. Star Flight is now in a greyt place and we couldn't be happier. It isn't just Independence Day for our country, it is also freedom day for Star Flight. He will be much happier in his new home and we wish him only the best. Happy trails Star Flight, we will see you soon at the GRI picnic!

Happy July 4th!!

Star Flight, Peanut, and the whole crew at the Hound Hotel wish everyone a happy 4th of July. Star Flight would like everyone to know that he is a perfect gentleman and plans to stay that way. He is perfectly behaved, fully house trained, knows the stairs, and has such a pleasant, laid back personality. If you are looking for a wild child, this is not your dog. If you would like a greyhound to be your loyal companion, then Star Flight deserves your consideration. Peanut has made great progress in just a few days at our house. She has learned the stairs, has transitioned out of the crate, and is sleeping with the family. She only had one minor accident in the house on her first day, and has been perfect since then. We are very proud of her. Peanut has such a fun and outgoing personality and her future family should enjoy going for walks with her and having lots of fun. If laughter is the best medicine, then her future family should be very healthy, as one look from her with her cute nose and overbite will have you laughing all the time, as we are. Peanut's foster family really loves her, and you will too(mom calls her "my little peanut butter").

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Star Flight and Peanut, Part Deux

Star Flight and Peanut have been here for more than a full day now and we are pleased to report that they are doing very well. Star Flight is such a nice and gentle boy with terrific manners. He is also an affectionate boy who likes to follow mom and dad around the house. He wants to be part of a family that will give him the kind of TLC that he deserves. He doesn't counter surf, jump on people, or misbehave at all. He is eager to earn his rightful place in his permanent home. Peanut is progressing very well as a greyhound just off the track. She has almost learned the stairs in one day, and we should have that fully accomplished in a day or two. She is very friendly and has quite a bubbly, outgoing personality. She is not quite ready to be a complete couch potato so get ready to have some fun with this girl. Even so, she is still a greyhound and won't run you ragged. Her funny face will keep you in stiches! Here are a photo of Peanut learning how to relax on the deck, and Star Flight hanging out with our grey Snoops. Please contact Greyhound Rescue Inc if you would like to meet either of these two terrific greyhounds.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Star Flight and DC Peanut!

The Hound Hotel put out the vacancy sign this week and today the door bell rang. We looked outside and there were two new foster greyhounds waiting to check in! We welcomed our weary travelers and they are feeling right at home. I guess we had better take down the sign for a few days. Star Flight is a four year old male brindle who was returned because his family said they didn't have enough time for him. What a shame. He is housetrained, knows the stairs, and seems to be a sweetheart. He is already wagging his tail and wanted to play with foster dad in the yard. He is going to be a really pleasant dog to have around for a while. We will provide more info about him as we get to know him better. Peanut is a two year old red female and she is going to be a little firecracker. She is a tail wagger and has plenty of spunk to her. She also has an overbite which is really funny. She will keep us laughing for a while. We will also provide more info about her as we get to know her better. Enjoy the photos of these two(Peanut up top and Star Flight at the bottom) and please contact Denise Davis if you would like to meet either, or both of them.