Sunday, December 28, 2008

Rooftop Wilma-Adopted!!!!

Today Wilma's Christmas wish came true. Today her forever family came to meet her and took her home with them. Foster mom and dad couldn't be happier. Wilma is landing in a terrific situation with a family that has two boy greyhounds, and needed a girl to keep them in line. Wilma is just the ticket for that. We wish Wilma all the best and are thrilled for her. Happy trails Wilma, we will miss you. If you ever need a place to rest your paws, the Hound Hotel will keep a light on for you.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Wilma-Ready for Santa!

Wilma has sent her letter to Santa at the North Pole, and she is all ready for Christmas. It is also her birthday on 12/24. She will be two years old. Wilma never learned anything about Santa at the racing kennel, so this will be her first real Christmas. I guess they didn't want her to know about all the great stuff Santa might bring, and how great retirement would be. Now she is here and she has learned all about it. She made me promise that I would let her log onto on Christmas Eve so she can track Santa's progress on that night(It is a very well done site). We only hope that with the holiday and the new year, Wilma will find her forever home. We want only the best for Wilma. Adoptions are slow this time of year anyway and the economy isn't helping matters either. But we know that there is someone, or some family out there, that would like to have the greatest gift of all, a greyhound. If you would like to meet Wilma, please contact Denise Davis, and fill your new year with cheer!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

'Tis The Season

Wilma is very excited about Christmas. She knows that Santa is getting his sleigh ready and will be coming soon. She knows that Santa brings only good things and she won't get a lump of coal in her stocking. She says she has been a good dog this year, but that is debatable. I guess if you factor out stealing things out of our closet, she has been a good greyhound. She promises her forever family that she will be the happiest greyhound of all if you adopt her. She can certainly deliver on that promise. Wilma has as much personality as any greyhound we have ever met and she is a pleasure to have around the house. She runs, plays, and loves her pets. She loves for us to sit on the floor with her and pet her for a long time. She can't get enough of that. Someone will adopt Wilma and she will be the best dog they ever had. Is that someone you? If you would like to meet Wee Little Wilma, please contact Denise Davis. Above is a picture of Wilma snuggling with our greyhound Snoops.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Full Wilma Treatment

Wilma is such a happy greyhound and she loves people a lot, and I mean a lot! Whenever we get home, she is so happy to see us that she is the first one to the door, tail wagging and ready to jump up on us to give us a big hug. She likes to tug on our coat sleeves as if to say, "don't ever leave again!" She jumps and spins around in the kitchen so happy that her foster family is back and she just just can't get enough hugs and pets. This is now known as the Full Wilma Treatment at the Hound Hotel. This lasts for a couple of minutes until she knows we are back to stay and then she can go back to her doggie bed and relax again. We are working to try to stop the jumping and tugging, but that will take a little time and will come as she gets a little older. And the truth is that she is such a happy girl and she not ready to be a sedate dog all the time. We don't mind that at all. If you come to meet Wilma, be assured, you will get the full Wilma treatment too. She makes it a lot of fun to come back home as I know at least one dog will mob me and be thrilled to see me when I get in the door. I was out taking photos of Wilma today and she started to run, and I quickly changed the camera to video mode and managed to get a video of some of it. The video is somewhat blurry, but you can see how fast she can run. I guess that is why they call it a blur of fur. If you would like to meet Wilma and get your fair share of the Full Wilma Treatment, please contact Denise Davis.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Diamonds aren't a girls best friend

Diamonds aren’t a girls best friend, at least not for this girl. Wilma knows that the economy is a little rough these days and so she isn’t asking for diamonds or pearls for Christmas. She doesn’t care about any of that anyway. The gift that Wilma wants is the one that is priceless. She just wants a family that will love her and that she can love back. She doesn’t care how big your house is, and she doesn’t care how much stuff you get her. Your lap to rest her head in is all she really wants. Wilma has been doing a great job as a foster dog and is pretty much fully housebroken, and knows all the rules. She is full of life and she loves everybody. If you would like to meet Wilma, please contact Denise Davis.