Friday, October 31, 2008

Wee little Wilma

Wee little Wilma, as we like to call her, has been with us for almost a week now, and we are loving her more each and every day. She is a spunky little girl with an attitude, and we like that. She has learned a lot since she has been here and is getting ready for prime time. We don't think she is fully housebroken yet, but she is getting close. She has already figured out that couches are more comfy then doggy beds, and she likes to sneak behind us and lay on the couch when we aren't looking. Wilma is such a friendly little girl and she makes us laugh all the time with her antics. She needs a family with a sense of humor and a family that can appreciate her personality. If you adopt her, she will try to take over your couch. You may end up sitting on the floor! But in exchange, she will give you lots of love and let you know that she really loves you and your couch. If you would like to meet Wilma, please contact Denise Davis at Greyhound Rescue.

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