Sunday, June 22, 2008


This has been quite a day at the Hound Hotel. Today turned out to be Coba's gotcha day as she got adopted today. The family that adopted our previous foster dog, DC Nash(now Shadow) came and adopted Coba. Coba is now in good hands with a family that loves her and will take great care of her. What a great way to end the weekend. We will miss Coba though as she is such a terrific dog and it was a pleasure to have her here. Happy trails Coba and we will see you soon! If you ever need a place to rest your paws, we will always be here for you. Auntie Denise will be sending more fosters our way soon so the Hound Hotel will be busy for a while. Stay tuned for more updates on future foster dogs.

What happens at the Hound Hotel stays at the Hound Hotel

We seem to have a budding romance at the Hound Hotel. Pete, our former foster dog, has come to stay with us for the week while his family is on vacation. Coba likes Pete. Pete likes Coba too. We may have to have "the talk" with the two of them soon. Coba can see what a handsome and reputable gentleman Pete is and Pete can see that Coba is quite the refined cutie. They do make a nice looking couple. Today is shaping up to be a terrific day as the weather is great and we have a house full of greyhounds. It doesn't get any better than this. It is always a treat to have Pete stop by and stay with us and every day with Coba is a great day. Are you having a greyt day? Is something missing in your day? Maybe you need to put a little Coba in your day to make it a greyt one. Please contact Denise Davis if you would like to meet Coba and make every day of yours a special day. Enjoy the photos of Coba, Pete, the white greyhound, and our fawn brindle Cameo.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Coba-Busy Week

Coba has had a busy week. On Thursday she had her teeth cleaned and had five teeth pulled. She is now good to go and her breath now smells like a fresh spring breeze. We took her to our meet and greet today and she did a great job. She is a terrific ambassador dog and she was a credit to her breed today. She greeted everyone and showed everyone how fantastic greyhounds are. We are very proud of her. Someone is going to get very lucky when they adopt Coba.

Monday, June 16, 2008


There sure are days when I wouldn't mind being a greyhound. Here is a photo of Coba showing me what I could do if I were a greyhound. I could just relax all the time and let somebody else do all the work. Ahhhhh. Just let me know when it is time to eat. Coba is still doing great and her personality is really coming out now that she has been at the Hound Hotel for a little more than a week. She is such a friendly and playful girl and is going to make such a wonderful companion for a lucky person. Just try not to hate her because she is beautiful! Get your petting arms in shape too as she loves good long petting sessions. She is a keeper.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Coba-Week One

Coba has been at the Hound Hotel for a week now and has settled in quite nicely. As each day passes and she gets a little more comfortable being here, she gets even more playful and spunky. This morning she was trying to entice the resident hounds into a race and really wanted to play in the yard. We have to watch out behind us because she likes to sneak up on us and lick our hands when we aren't looking. Coba is a perfectly behaved dog and she has even earned the run of the house when we aren't home. It is a pleasure to foster her and it is so much fun to have her around. Coba is going in for a dental cleaning this coming week so she will be sporting a shiny set of choppers in a few days. She would love a permanent new home with an owner(s) that likes to go for walks and likes to laugh. She makes each day a better day. If you would like to make your day a better one, contact Denise Davis to arrange a meeting with Coba.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Coba rocks the cabana!

Get out your bell bottom pants and your platform shoes as Coba has turned the Hound Hotel into the Coba Cabana! Coba kept her foster parents up until the wee hours of the morning playing Barry Manilow songs and dancing under the disco ball. Coba has settled in very well to her foster home and is doing great. She is a happy, well balanced, and fun loving greyhound. She has been perfectly behaved and is no problem at all. She loves to wag her tail and give plenty of affection. She also happens to be a cutie pie. She would love to have a family that will take her for nice walks and spend some quality time with her. She is a terrific all purpose greyhound that will be a perfect companion and family greyhound. Please contact Denise Davis if you would like Coba to come to your house and start a dance party!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Coba Cabana!!

We aren't sure if we should merengue or do the cha cha, but either way, Coba is the life of the party! Coba has been here for about a day now and her foster family is already loving her. Coba is a perfectly behaved, affectionate and beautiful greyhound that is a pleasure to have around. She gets along perfectly with the resident hounds and is such a playful girl. I knew we were in trouble when I went to pick her up. She looked at me and wagged her tail, and I knew I had just found my new best friend. Coba will need a dental cleaning soon, but aside from that, she has no issues. She has adapted so well to the Hound Hotel that one would think she has always lived here. One word of caution about her though. If you come to see her, you will take her home with you. She is not an "I'll think about it" kind of greyhound. Once she looks at you with those cute eyes and wags her tail at you, it will be over. She is irresistable. You may doubt yourself at first but within a few hours, you will know that you just won the greyhound lottery. Please contact Denise Davis if you would like to meet Coba and start your own party.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Coba is here!!

Coba(Coba Xcuse me) has arrived at the Hound Hotel. Coba is a seven year old female(she will be eight in July) and she was returned to us due to a death in the family and they were no longer able to keep her. She has already impressed her foster family with how fun and loving she is. She is a very well balanced greyhound with a little bit of spunk to go with her. She is already checking out the yard and playing with the resident hounds. We will provide more info as we get to know her better. Enjoy the photo and video of her getting used to her foster home.