Saturday, May 24, 2008

DC Nash-Adopted!!!

Today started out as an uneventful day and we planned to just spend the day playing in the yard with Nash and the resident hounds. Then the phone rang. A wonderful family came and adopted Nash. We had hoped that he could stay with us for at least another week but it wasn't meant to be. Superstar hounds like Nash never last too long at the Hound Hotel. He is just too good and made a great impression on his new family. We wish Nash all the best and we already miss him so much. Our thanks go out to his new family for adopting him and giving him a terrific home. Happy trails Nash. We love you and we miss you! If you ever need a place to rest your paws, we will leave a light on for you. See you at the annual GRI picnic!

DC Nash-Week One

Nash is wrapping up his first week at the Hound Hotel and we are happy to report that he has passed Foster Training 101 with flying colors. Nash is handling the transition from racer to family dog like a champ and we couldn't be prouder of him. He has only had one minor accident in the house on the first day and he has been perfect since then. He is a super friendly, sociable, and well adjusted greyhound and he has behaved himself like a perfect gentleman. If this keeps up we will induct him into the foster dog Hall of Fame. Nash makes every day a great day and we are having such a fantastic time with him. Nash is the complete package and to be honest, we wish we could keep him. But unfortunately, that isn't possible so somebody is going to get very lucky when they adopt him. If you would like to be the proud owner of the best dog in your neighborhood, please contact Denise Davis to set up a meeting with Nash.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

DC Nash hits a milestone

Today was a big day for Nash. Today he learned how to go up and down the stairs by himself after only two days at the hotel! There were cheers and high fives all around for Nash. It came not a moment too soon as foster dad was getting a little tired from carrying him up and down the stairs. He is not a lightweight dog. Nash is doing a terrific job as a foster dog. He is learning his lessons well and has transitioned out of the crate. He slept with the family last night and did great. He plays well with others and is such an affectionate greyhound. He loves his pets and even tries to pet you back! We are somewhat suprised at how quickly he is progressing considering that he just turned two years old. We thought he would be more of a handful to handle but he isn't. He seems determined to learn all he can about retirement and he wants to please the humans around him. Nash is a very special greyhound and it will be such a treat to watch him continue to progress from being a racer to a family greyhound. If you would like to be the target of Nash's affection, please contact Denise Davis to schedule an appointment to meet him.

Monday, May 19, 2008

DC Nash-My Buddy

Nash wasn't too happy this morning when we went to work. He is very attached to people and didn't want us to go. He whined in his crate when I left and and I felt terrible, but he has to learn to stay home by himself. I took the afternoon off from work so I could come home and spend time with him. He was fine and resting when I got back but he was really glad to see me. Nash is acclimating well to his foster home and he is getting along very well with the resident hounds. He is eager to learn all about being a retired greyhound and he is eating very well. He is such a friendly, affectionate, and loyal hound. It is a real treat to be able to foster him. He will make such a terrific companion for a family, and his jaw-dropping good looks are really something to behold. Here are a photo and video of Nash playing in the yard today.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

DC Nash is here!

The Hound Hotel is up and running again with our newest foster greyhound, DC Nash. This dog is like the Lassie of greyhounds. He is the most velcro of all the velcro dogs we have had(velcro because they stick to you). Since he has been here Nash has not left my side. Nash is now my new best friend. I think I have burned hundreds of calories already just petting this dog. He is not shy or timid at all and wants to be petted constantly. He also thinks he is a lap dog. He is a little big for that but it is too funny when a 70 pound dog tries to climb on you. We also can't stop looking at him as he is a strikingly beautiful dog. He makes you want to say "Whoa, now that is a real dog!" Above are a few photos of Nash checking out the yard. If you are looking for an independant greyhound that will be standoffish and leave you alone, then this is not your dog. On the other hand, if you are looking for a loyal companion that will always be faithful, and who will be an integral part of your family, then Nash deserves a serious look. He is a young one, having just turned two years old, so he has some energy and will want to play and and go for nice walks. If you would like to meet Nash, please contact Denise Davis to schedule an appointment. You can view his entire history at:

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sheza Star-Adopted!!!

Today has been a great day at the Hound Hotel. We took Star to the meet and greet and her new mom and dad were waiting for her. They loved her as much as we do and adopted her. They promptly went shopping and two shopping carts later, Star has everything she needs to retire in luxury. She has a new doggie bed, bowls, toys, everything! It looks like Star is headed off to hound heaven! Her foster mom and dad miss her already but are thrilled that she is in a greyt situation. The Hound Hotel will get the night off but a new foster is coming tomorrow. We don't know if it will be a boy or a girl, but either way, we are going to have some fun. Tomorrow should be a great day too. Happy trails Star! We miss you and we love you.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sheza Star-Going Home?

Each day Star has been asking us if anybody has called about her. She waits anxiously by the phone hoping it will ring and that her new family will be on the other end of the line. Yesterday it did! A family is coming to see Sheeza Star at the meet and greet next Saturday, and hopefully they will adopt her. It is not a done deal yet as they haven't met her, but it is looking pretty good. When we told Star she danced a jig around the back yard and the resident hounds gave her three cheers! We will certainly miss her when she goes as she has been a fantastic foster greyhound. She has behaved herself beautifully and has a personality we just love. She is welcome anytime at the Hound Hotel. We will be sure to enjoy our time with her while we have her. We didn't think she would last long as she is way too good.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sheza Star-Greyhound Idol!

Sheza Star took her first laps around the yard yesterday. Simon called her performance "brilliant!" Paula said "She took that yard and made it her own." Randy said "Yo dawg, you rocked the house!" Sheza Star is a terrific all purpose greyhound that will make a great companion. If you want to march around the neighborhood and burn some calories, she is up for it. If you want to play in the yard and have some fun, count her in. If you want to relax on the couch, she will snooze next to you. She is a playful, inquisitive, tail wagging kind of greyhound that is just looking for her forever home. She has had no accidents, none, in the house and only spent one full night in the crate. After that she insisted on being with the family at night. Last night she shared a doggie bed with our oldest greyhound, Cameo. It was too cute. Please contact Denise Davis if you would like to meet the next Greyhound Idol!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sheza Star settles in

Today is Sheza Star's first full day at the Hound Hotel and it has been a great day. She is really getting the hang of this whole retirement thing and is having a great time lounging around in the yard. The weather has been perfect today so she is helping us garden and work around the house. Sheza has a terrific personality and loves to play greyhound games, such as "chase foster dad around the yard while he weed whacks." Here are a few photos of Sheza Star taking advantage of the beautiful weather in the yard. The first is her relaxing and working on her tan, the second is her hanging out with two of our greyhounds, Cora Lee and Snoops. Some days it is really good to be a greyhound!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sheza Star!!!

Simon, Randy and Paula from American Idol all agree that Sheza Star is a star! Sheza moved into the Hound Hotel today and she is already making the most of it. Sheza is a small brindle female and she is a bundle of joy. She has a wonderfully bubbly personality and her tail wags a mile a minute. She is such a friendly greyhound! She has checked out the yard, met the resident hounds, and is doing great. She is already making her foster mom and dad laugh and she really loves to play. Sheeza Star is going to be a really fun dog to have around for a while. Please contact Denise Davis if you would like to meet Sheza Star and perhaps take her home to sing on your stage!