Monday, March 21, 2011


Nessa has found her forever home. A very nice family came to see Nessa this weekend and they loved her. She is just what they were looking for. Nessa now has a family with a couple of boys to play with and keep her busy. I think she will love that. We wish Nessa and her new family all the best. Nessa has been a pleasure to have around the house and she is welcome at the Hound Hotel anytime. Happy trails Nessa!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Nessa-Spring is Springing!

Today has been a beautiful day and Nessa took full advantage of it. She spent plenty of time out in the yard having a good time running and playing. It is nice to see her do that. It is hard to understand why she hasn't been snapped up yet. Nessa is a perfect greyhound. She is perfectly behaved, has a wonderful temperment, and is friendly as all get out. Maybe things just take a little time. She has plenty of spunk to her as she likes to get into races with our boy Abe. She would love a family to take her on walks, and to feed her plenty of treats. Did I tell you that she roos when it is treat time? Don't be late with the treat, or she will let you know..haha. If you would like to have a perfect greyhound, please contact Denise Davis.