Sunday, May 31, 2009

Amber Alert-Redneck

We received a call a few minutes ago that Wild Redneck got loose from her new home in Westminster, MD today. The family has spent the afternoon looking for her with no success so far. If you are in that area, please keep an eye out for her, or contact Denise Davis and she can let you know how you can help find Redneck and get her back home. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Rooftop Bounder-Adopted!!!!

Today turned out to be a great day at the Hound Hotel. A terrific family came and adopted Bounder. Bounder has been coming out of his shell and did a great job showing his new family what a great dog he is. To be honest though, his foster family is a little sad tonight. We really love Bounder and were hoping that he could stay a little longer. But we know that it is best for Bounder to move on quickly to his permanent home. Some foster dogs need some work and it is in their best interests, and their future family's best interests to have them stay for a little while and let us work with them. Bounder didn't need any work. He just needed a home, which is what he got today. It is best for Bounder to move on quickly to his new home before he gets too attached to us(and us to him). We miss him already and wish him and his new family only the best. If Bounder ever needs a place to rest his paws, he is always welcome here. We will keep a light on for him. Happy trails Bounder! We love you and we miss you!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rooftop Bounder-Taking it easy

Bounder has been at our house for two days now and we are happy to say that he is doing really well. Bounder is a pretty laid back hound and in fact, he is a little timid so far. He needs a little time to get to know the people around him, and plenty of TLC, before he will fully come out of his shell. He is warming up to us now and is learning how nice it is to be petted all the time. He is learning that there is nothing for him to fear and that it will all be good from here on out. A dog on the timid side can be a great thing for an adoptive family. He will start out a little shy and grow into the family, and along the way will be nothing but respectful and pleasant. For example, he has slept the past two nights in our room with us and our hounds. He slept quietly in the corner and didn't make a sound either night. It doesn't get any easier then that for us. He gets along beautifully with our hounds and he has the full run of the house because we know he won't damage anything. He will be great for a family that wants a beautiful, respectful, and friendly hound. He won't jump on you or your guests either, making him a perfect dog to show your friends how great greyhounds really are. Your friends will ask you how much time and money you spent on obedience classes. You'll tell them "None. He just came off the track, and that's the way he is." They won't believe you and they will think you are the Dog Whisperer. If you would like to meet Bounder and be the Dog Whisperer, please contact Denise Davis.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Rooftop Bounder has arrived!

Rooftop Bounder arrived at the Hound Hotel this afternoon. Bounder is a beautiful 3 year old male who seems to have an excellent disposition. Bounder had gotten a nasty cut on his leg and spent the last few weeks on the injured reserve list at the rescue kennel while that healed. Bounder is now all healed up and ready to get back in the game. He made it through the stormy weather to our house today and the lightning didn't bother him a bit. He slept in the back seat of the car and didn't make a sound. That is a good sign. As we get to know him we will provide more updates about him. Here are a couple of photos of Bounder relaxing after his ride today. If you would like to meet Bounder, please contact Denise Davis.

Wild Redneck....Adopted!!!

Today turned out to be a great day. A young couple came and adopted Wild Redneck. They came to look at her and she played, ran, and showed them what a terrific greyhound she is. Who could resist such a terrific girl? It is a good thing that she did get adopted as she was really growing on us and you know what that means...uh ohhh, back to four resident hounds in the house. Her adoption means we stay at three dogs for a while longer. Redneck is moving into a great situation and we wish her and her new family nothing but the best. Her new family said they were sorry they were taking her away. We aren't sorry, as it is good for Redneck and that is all that matters. It also makes room for the next foster greyhound, who happens to be on the way to the Hound Hotel now. We will be picking up Bounder in a few hours and he will get the Hound Hotel special treatment, just like Redneck. Happy trails Redneck, we hope to see you soon at the annual GRI picnic!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Redneck is learning!

Redneck is growing by leaps and bounds as she stays at our house. She is learning the rules of the road and for the most part knows them. She still isn't fully house trained but we are getting there. Some dogs take a little time. Redneck might be the most playful dog we have had in a long time. She loves to play with her ball in the yard. She likes to throw it and try to catch it herself, and then do a few laps around the yard. She is one of the friendliest dogs we have had in a long time as she loves long petting sessions. Whoever adopts this greyhound is getting a good one. We love her and will miss her. If you would like to meet Wild Redneck, please call Denise Davis.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Redneck meets and greets!

We took Wild Redneck to our meet and greet today. She exceeded our expectations. Track dogs are always a little tricky at meet and greets as we don't know how they will react. Redneck did great. She was so friendly with everyone, and she was very tolerant with the children, even letting the kids give her hugs. She leaned on everyone and turned out to be a terrific ambassador dog. She showed what a great dog she really is and how lucky some family will be to adopt her. She is really growing on us and we hope she finds a family to adopt her that loves her as much as we do. She is a funny one too. I woke up in the middle of the night last night feeling fur against my feet. Our dogs don't sleep on the bed, so I knew somthing was different. Redneck had climbed onto our bed and was sleeping at the end of our bed. She makes a nice foot warmer. If you would like a foot warmer of your own, please contact Denise Davis at Greyhound Rescue.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Redneck is still available

Redneck is still up for adoption. The family that looked at her hasn't claimed her so she is still available. Redneck is coming along quite well and has adjusted well to her foster home. She is still a curious one and she loves to explore the yard and work off some energy. She is learning to play with toys and seems to love them. She would love to have an active family that can keep her entertained and and be a little patient with her as she finishes growing up. If you would like to meet Redneck, please contact Denise Davis.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Redneck needs a nap

Redneck had a big afternoon. A family came to see her. She played with them and did her best to show them what a great dog she is. The family loved her but just wants to sleep on the decision for the night. They will let us know tomorrow. Now Redneck is exhausted and needs a nap. She wore herself out trying to show the family what a fun dog she is. She will sleep the rest of the day. Here is a shot of her getting over the meet and greet at our house. Keep your fingers crossed, tomorrow may be her gotcha day! We will let you know.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Run Redneck Run!

Today is the first day since we have had Wild Redneck that it has not rained all day. We got to let her out in the yard for the afternoon and she has loved it. Redneck is turning into a dog that we really love. Yes, she is a young one and she has plenty of energy, and she has a little separation anxiety when we leave, but she is doing really well. She is so smart that she has adapted to home life very quickly and she knows most of the ropes already. She eats like a horse and runs like a greyhound, and she is really affectionate. She loves to bury her head in our laps and get lots of pets. She is a young one so she is still curious about everything and still needs lots of supervision, but she is coming along very well. She is going to be a good one. She may be better off with a family that isn't gone too long from the home or has other buddies(greyhounds or other dogs) to keep her company while the family is gone. Here are a couple of videos of Redneck in the yard today. If you would like to meet Redneck, please contact Denise Davis.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wild Redneck-Good news and bad news

We have good news and bad news to report about Wild Redneck. The good news is that she taught herself to go up and down the stairs just two hours after arriving at the Hound Hotel. She did it all by herself with no help from us. That is something that we have never seen before. The bad news is that Wild Redneck taught herself to go up and down the stairs in two hours. That means that Redneck is a little too smart and we know a thing or two about really smart dogs. Those are the ones you have to keep an eye on and watch out for. They figure too many things out too quickly, like that the bed is a nice place to rest. They sneak on the bed when we aren't looking and climb off when you come up the stairs thinking we won't figure out what they were doing. Redneck figured out where the food container was right away and got started figuring out how to break into it. But having said that, we really love Redneck. She is a young one(21 months) and she still has some puppy in her. She has plenty of energy for a greyhound and she loves to run in the yard. She is extremely affectionate and loves to get plenty of pets. After two days she is starting to settle into the residential life and has learned quite a bit about how to be a house dog. If you would like to meet Redneck, please contact Denise Davis at Greyhound Rescue Inc.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wild Redneck!

Wild Redneck, yes, that is her official racing name, has arrived at the Hound Hotel. Redneck is a smaller fawn(red) female who looks nothing like a real redneck. She has more teeth then your typical redneck and hers are in terrific shape as she just had a dental. In her first twenty minutes at our house she ran a few laps in the yard, found the water bowl in the kitchen, surfed the counter, and put her head in my lap for some pets. She is a live one, very smart, and very affectionate. She already goes searching for us if we leave the room for even a minute. I think we are going to have a lot of fun with Redneck. We will provide more updates about her as we get to know her better.