Monday, May 25, 2009

Wild Redneck....Adopted!!!

Today turned out to be a great day. A young couple came and adopted Wild Redneck. They came to look at her and she played, ran, and showed them what a terrific greyhound she is. Who could resist such a terrific girl? It is a good thing that she did get adopted as she was really growing on us and you know what that means...uh ohhh, back to four resident hounds in the house. Her adoption means we stay at three dogs for a while longer. Redneck is moving into a great situation and we wish her and her new family nothing but the best. Her new family said they were sorry they were taking her away. We aren't sorry, as it is good for Redneck and that is all that matters. It also makes room for the next foster greyhound, who happens to be on the way to the Hound Hotel now. We will be picking up Bounder in a few hours and he will get the Hound Hotel special treatment, just like Redneck. Happy trails Redneck, we hope to see you soon at the annual GRI picnic!


Michelle said...

Awesome news! Congrats Redneck!!

alex said...

Congratulations on finding your forever home Redneck. We hope to see you at the picnic too.

Angela said...

Another happy hound leaves the hotel and heads for home sweet home :)