Friday, May 8, 2009

Run Redneck Run!

Today is the first day since we have had Wild Redneck that it has not rained all day. We got to let her out in the yard for the afternoon and she has loved it. Redneck is turning into a dog that we really love. Yes, she is a young one and she has plenty of energy, and she has a little separation anxiety when we leave, but she is doing really well. She is so smart that she has adapted to home life very quickly and she knows most of the ropes already. She eats like a horse and runs like a greyhound, and she is really affectionate. She loves to bury her head in our laps and get lots of pets. She is a young one so she is still curious about everything and still needs lots of supervision, but she is coming along very well. She is going to be a good one. She may be better off with a family that isn't gone too long from the home or has other buddies(greyhounds or other dogs) to keep her company while the family is gone. Here are a couple of videos of Redneck in the yard today. If you would like to meet Redneck, please contact Denise Davis.


alex said...

She sure looks like a winner to me!

Ridlon Tails said...

Aww...she sounds like a good girl! Hope she finds a home soon. =)