Saturday, May 9, 2009

Redneck needs a nap

Redneck had a big afternoon. A family came to see her. She played with them and did her best to show them what a great dog she is. The family loved her but just wants to sleep on the decision for the night. They will let us know tomorrow. Now Redneck is exhausted and needs a nap. She wore herself out trying to show the family what a fun dog she is. She will sleep the rest of the day. Here is a shot of her getting over the meet and greet at our house. Keep your fingers crossed, tomorrow may be her gotcha day! We will let you know.


alex said...

How greyt would it be for Redneck to get a new mom for mother's day?- not to mention a greyt gift for said mom too. Hope you've found your forever home Redneck, I can tell that you are one special pup!

Alaina said...

Good luck Redneck! I'm sure they will come and get you soon!

Best wishes
Alaina and Hero!