Saturday, May 30, 2009

Rooftop Bounder-Adopted!!!!

Today turned out to be a great day at the Hound Hotel. A terrific family came and adopted Bounder. Bounder has been coming out of his shell and did a great job showing his new family what a great dog he is. To be honest though, his foster family is a little sad tonight. We really love Bounder and were hoping that he could stay a little longer. But we know that it is best for Bounder to move on quickly to his permanent home. Some foster dogs need some work and it is in their best interests, and their future family's best interests to have them stay for a little while and let us work with them. Bounder didn't need any work. He just needed a home, which is what he got today. It is best for Bounder to move on quickly to his new home before he gets too attached to us(and us to him). We miss him already and wish him and his new family only the best. If Bounder ever needs a place to rest his paws, he is always welcome here. We will keep a light on for him. Happy trails Bounder! We love you and we miss you!


BrittBeah said...

You guys are so sweet to open your home like that. You obviously get so very attached, I don't know how you let them all go. This is why I can't foster. Well, that is until there is an opening at my hotel ;)

alex said...

Bounder is certainly a handsome boy! (And I can tell that you had already gotten a little attached). The only thing that can make it easier, is knowing how many more hounds are waiting for their turn at the hound hotel :-)