Sunday, August 17, 2008

What a day!

It has been a fantastic day at the Hound Hotel. This morning we went and picked up another foster dog named All Star. We brought him home and began working with him and shortly thereafter the phone rang. Aunt Denise sent a family to look at Becky and All Star. They adopted All Star! All Star was a hit with their family and it was obvious that he was the right dog for their family. Then another family came to look at Becky. They loved her. Who wouldn't? Needless to say, she got adopted too! Wow, two adoptions in one day! That is a fantastic day for us, and we congratulate and welcome two new families into the greyhound community. We did get to take photos of All Star before he got adopted, so above is a photo of him checking out the yard. What a fantastic day! The bad news is that I took tomorrow off to play and work with the foster dogs, and now we don't have any fosters! Aunt Denise says she will fix that and send us another foster greyhound tomorrow. We can't wait. We wonder who it will be. Whomever it is, when that greyhound gets here, he or she will be halfway home.


Alaina said...


This is one of the daughter that adopted All Star! He's doing great here, and has settled in fabulously! We love him so much, and are glad he was there when we met you! He's taken well to the other dog, and he loves his two walks each day!I can't thank you enough for showing us him!

Alaina and Hero ( his new name!)

Steve T said...

We've had Becky for 4 years and she has been great. She's definately a daddy's dog and we fight over couch time constantly. Thank you so much.