Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lonesome Joanie has come to stay

Lonesome Joanie isn't going to be lonely anymore. Joanie has come to stay with us as it is her turn to get the full foster treatment. Joanie is going to get plenty of pets and have lots of fun at the Hound Hotel. Joanie is cute as a button and seems to be a very friendly and sociable greyhound. She is on the small side so she won't take up too much room either. She has already checked out the yard and is now checking out the house. I don't think we will have much trouble with her. I think she is going to be just fine. We will provide more updates as we learn more about her. Outdo is also still here and he is doing great. If you would like to meet either or both Outdo and Joanie, please contact Denise Davis. You can follow this link to view Joanie's complete pedigree and history: In the meantime, enjoy the photos(in the top photo, Outdo is on the left and Joanie is on the right) and video of Joanie.

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