Monday, August 18, 2008

Outdo has checked in!

Outdo has come to stay at the Hound Hotel until he gets adopted. He has only been here a short time and is confused and stressed, as all the foster dogs are when they arrive. Even so, he has checked out the yard and it seems to be to his liking. He is already drinking water well and is learnig how to lay on a doggie bed. He seems to be more affectionate than your average track dog at this stage as he is already coming to me to get lots of pets. That is a really good thing. My read on him at this point is that he is going to be a terrific companion that will be really friendly and fun to have around the house. He is 65 pounds, so he isn't too big either. He is a handsome brindle boy and I think he and I are going to be buddies pretty quickly. We will provide more updates as we learn more about him. In the meantime, enjoy the photos and video of him. You can also follow this link to view Outdo's entire history:

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