Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Outdo-Cool Runnings Mon

I think Outdo must be part Jamaican or something because he seems to have the no worries attitude of a Jamaican. Outdo has settled into our home and is doing great. After only a day he almost has the stairs mastered. Last night he picked out a doggie bed in our room and slept quietly all night long. No crate was needed for this chillin' boy. This morning he woke up and ate his breakfast like a horse and then went out to the yard with the resident hounds. He already seems to have the household routine down and he is making it very easy for us. Outdo is not a hyperactive dog at all and he is a very affectionate hound. He is really endearing himself to us as he is such a well behaved, respectful and friendly hound. If you are looking for a dog that will bounce off the walls and swing from ceiling fans, then this is not your dog. If you are looking for a chillin', Jamaican style dog, then Outdo deserves your consideration. When your neighbor's puppies are yapping out their windows all day, you can sit back with Outdo and say "No worries mon, it's all cool runnings."

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