Saturday, August 16, 2008

Becky met her fans

We took Becky to our meet and greet today and she did a fabulous job. She was friendly with everyone, great with the kids, and she had a great time. It is always a little interesting taking a foster dog to the meet and greets as it is usually their first time out in the world and we never know how they will react. Sometimes they are nervous and shy, sometimes they are ready to jump out of their skin with excitement. Becky did a great job and showed that she is a very well balanced greyhound and that she can handle the pressure of a new situation with no problem. We are very proud of her. After all the excitement, she is very tired. She will probably rest the remainder of the day. The photo of her is of her trying to recouperate after the meet and greet. I wish I could sleep under a potted plant and have no worries! If you would like to meet this terrific greyhound, please contact Denise Davis.

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