Sunday, June 22, 2008

What happens at the Hound Hotel stays at the Hound Hotel

We seem to have a budding romance at the Hound Hotel. Pete, our former foster dog, has come to stay with us for the week while his family is on vacation. Coba likes Pete. Pete likes Coba too. We may have to have "the talk" with the two of them soon. Coba can see what a handsome and reputable gentleman Pete is and Pete can see that Coba is quite the refined cutie. They do make a nice looking couple. Today is shaping up to be a terrific day as the weather is great and we have a house full of greyhounds. It doesn't get any better than this. It is always a treat to have Pete stop by and stay with us and every day with Coba is a great day. Are you having a greyt day? Is something missing in your day? Maybe you need to put a little Coba in your day to make it a greyt one. Please contact Denise Davis if you would like to meet Coba and make every day of yours a special day. Enjoy the photos of Coba, Pete, the white greyhound, and our fawn brindle Cameo.

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