Friday, June 13, 2008

Coba-Week One

Coba has been at the Hound Hotel for a week now and has settled in quite nicely. As each day passes and she gets a little more comfortable being here, she gets even more playful and spunky. This morning she was trying to entice the resident hounds into a race and really wanted to play in the yard. We have to watch out behind us because she likes to sneak up on us and lick our hands when we aren't looking. Coba is a perfectly behaved dog and she has even earned the run of the house when we aren't home. It is a pleasure to foster her and it is so much fun to have her around. Coba is going in for a dental cleaning this coming week so she will be sporting a shiny set of choppers in a few days. She would love a permanent new home with an owner(s) that likes to go for walks and likes to laugh. She makes each day a better day. If you would like to make your day a better one, contact Denise Davis to arrange a meeting with Coba.

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