Tuesday, May 20, 2008

DC Nash hits a milestone

Today was a big day for Nash. Today he learned how to go up and down the stairs by himself after only two days at the hotel! There were cheers and high fives all around for Nash. It came not a moment too soon as foster dad was getting a little tired from carrying him up and down the stairs. He is not a lightweight dog. Nash is doing a terrific job as a foster dog. He is learning his lessons well and has transitioned out of the crate. He slept with the family last night and did great. He plays well with others and is such an affectionate greyhound. He loves his pets and even tries to pet you back! We are somewhat suprised at how quickly he is progressing considering that he just turned two years old. We thought he would be more of a handful to handle but he isn't. He seems determined to learn all he can about retirement and he wants to please the humans around him. Nash is a very special greyhound and it will be such a treat to watch him continue to progress from being a racer to a family greyhound. If you would like to be the target of Nash's affection, please contact Denise Davis to schedule an appointment to meet him.

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