Saturday, May 24, 2008

DC Nash-Adopted!!!

Today started out as an uneventful day and we planned to just spend the day playing in the yard with Nash and the resident hounds. Then the phone rang. A wonderful family came and adopted Nash. We had hoped that he could stay with us for at least another week but it wasn't meant to be. Superstar hounds like Nash never last too long at the Hound Hotel. He is just too good and made a great impression on his new family. We wish Nash all the best and we already miss him so much. Our thanks go out to his new family for adopting him and giving him a terrific home. Happy trails Nash. We love you and we miss you! If you ever need a place to rest your paws, we will leave a light on for you. See you at the annual GRI picnic!


Anne said...

Thanks Stowe and Maria for keeping this page updated. We are having a good evening with SHADOW. He rested his head on Helen's lap and she just purred. We have sent the new kid's picture to our dear friends along with this blog so they can see Shadow's first home. Helen and I thank you for taking such good care of him and loving him so much. I think we are in LOVE already--it started this afternoon! Shadow is sleeping in a big slumber ball bed. The cats have been fine so far; Oliver told him not to mess with him by swatting him (has no front claws) and like a true, brave greyhound, he ran the other way. Eating was a challenge--that is, he wanted to eat everything that was his as well as the girls' also. THANK YOU!! Helen and Anne

Anne said...

2nd night even better didn't need a cup of food at 2 am. Shadow has been everything you told us about him and even more--we have recommended DC Dash to our friends in Finksburg MD who lost a black boy last month.
If they don't want him, Helen's husband, Bill, asked Helen is she wanted to have sibblings. Stunned us. So perhaps we will think on it but know he will not be around long either.
I would love to contact (my email is ) DC NIKKI's new parents to see where she is and if they are interested in a reunion of the clan.
It does my heart good to hear Helen on the phone talking about her black angel, and how he has filled several holes she had in her heart. Shadow's eyes remind her of her puppy boy Tigger's (adopted at age 3 months)that she lost several years ago and his loving ways remind her of her recent loss, Snoopy-Doo. He is the bright light in her day.

This might get you to the few pictures I took the other evening with Shadow using Helen as a pillow!
I know you loved him very much. We could see how hard it was for you to say goodbye to him. But, know you are always welcome to do a home visit if/when you get to Annapolis. We live 2 miles from Annapolis Mall.