Saturday, November 7, 2009

The proof is in the picture

Carrie did a big thing today. She came into the family room and laid down on a doggy bed while her scary foster parents were in the room. I managed to get a picture of it. That is a pretty big step for Carrie. She is still afraid to come up to us but the distance she has to keep between her and us is gradually decreasing. Maybe she is figuring out that life at the Hound Hotel isn't that bad after all. Good food, lots of pets, and comfy places to sleep can't be all bad. We still have a long way to go with Carrie, but we are celebrating each little victory with her. A dog like Carrie will put even the most patient person to the test, but it is worth the effort. She is a terrific dog and she deserves a second chance at a good life. Stay tuned as we hope to have more small victories to report soon.


alex said...

Congratulations! I know if anyone can win her over it's our friends at the Hound Hotel.
Keep up the GREYT work :)

Zan said...

I know just how exciting it is when you see a crack starting in their "armor." Big congrats are in order!!