Friday, November 20, 2009

Help Wanted: One Superhero

Perhaps you grew up watching episodes of Batman or Wonderwoman and fancied that one day you too would become a superhero. I know what you were thinking. You figured that one day when you grew up you would build your own batcave and spend your nights cruising the streets of Gotham keeping the world safe from the Joker. Now that you are older you have probably figured out that the batcave idea probably isn't going to work out. If you drive around at night in a mask and cape you won't catch the Joker, but you might end up on the Jerry Springer show. That's ok. That's not the kind of superhero we are looking for. We are looking for a superhero who will come and rescue Carrie. The superhero we are looking for won't need to leap tall buildings in a single bound, or fly faster then a speeding bullet. Our superhero will have a fenced in yard, a big heart, and lots of patience. Our superhero will know that Carrie will need time, patience, and plenty of TLC to come out of her shell and be the great dog that she will be. Carrie is actually a pretty easy dog to take care of once you get the hang of it. We are having no trouble handling her at all. She is just scared of people, that's all, and she needs someone who will put the time into her so that she learns not to live in fear all the time. No greyhound should ever have to live like that. Maybe you are thinking of being Carrie's superhero, but are concerned about the one practical issue with having her, which is what to do with her if you leave town. Putting her in a kennel is not a good plan, nor is hiring a housesitter. We will solve that problem for you. If you have plans to go over the hill and through the woods to Grandma's house, just drop Carrie off at the Hound Hotel on the way. She can stay here as often as you need for as long as you need. We will work for free and Carrie is always welcome here. You would know that she would be in a safe and friendly place with people that will take good care of her. So go ahead and make plans for the holidays, we have you covered. If you would like to be a superhero, call Denise and schedule an appointment to meet Carrie, and point your Batmobile towards the Hound Hotel.

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Michelle said...

So well said! It brought a tear to my eyes. I hope Carrie's superhero finds her soon. :)