Sunday, November 29, 2009

Carrie-Getting Better Every Day

Carrie, our project dog, is getting better every day. The progress is slow, but we expect that. She is becoming a little less fearful and a little more a part of the family each day. Over the last few days she has done some good things. She came inside from the yard without us having to herd her in. She followed us downstairs this afternoon and came right into the family room and took her spot. She hasn't done that before. We have removed her crate and she eats in the family room now. She isn't quite ready to eat with the other dogs in the kitchen, but we are getting closer to that. Today she has been snoozing on her blanket in our family room and hasn't jumped up every time we come near her. She is getting more comfortable with her surroundings and is realizing that nothing bad will happen to her here. She still isn't ready to come up to us and ask for pets, but we are working towards that. Carrie is such a sweetheart of a dog and we can say that we are very optimistic about her future. We think she is going to turn out very well, but it will take more time and patience. That is ok, we have plenty of that. Carrie is going to turn out as an A+ dog in the end and we look forward to seeing her achieve that. If you would like to meet Carrie, please contact Denise Davis.

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