Friday, January 23, 2009

Storm-back up for adoption

Storm is back up for adoption. He was placed but do to extenuating circumstances, his new family couldn't take him anytime soon. It isn't because of Storm. Storm is a terrific greyhound that wags his tail all the time and is a fun to have around. The only problem is he gets so excited in the morning when the alarm goes off. He knows that is now the signal that it is breakfast time. He bounces around the room and gets happy. "Woohoo....feeding time!!" I try to get out of bed and he bounces off my chest to let me know I am moving too slow. He wants to tell me to get my butt downstairs and fill up his food bowl. Too funny. He is learning to be a retired greyhound and he knows that good food is part of the deal. What a good dog. If you would like to meet Storm, please contact Denise Davis at Greyhound Rescue.


Angela said...

I wish our two were like Storm when it's breakfast time...we have to practically beg them to eat breakfast! All they are concerned about in the mornings is going for their walk! Best of luck to your sweet boy!

Alaina said...

Dear Stowe and Maria,

I am very happy to hear that Storm is still available for adoption, because that means I still have a chance to come get him! Mom says that she wouldn't mind, but I have to talk to Dad. That is a much better response than last week. Maybe they will cave and get him for me for my birthday, which is next month!!!! Anyway, I'm glad that Storm is doing fine!

Alaina (Alex's daughter)

I already picked out a name for him!!!!!!! I took me three days.

Alaina said...

* it took me three days.

Addie said...

He really is a handsome hound. He reminds me of my Bruno in his looks and how he gets happy for breakfast. At least he waits for the alarm to go off before he starts his happy breakfast dance, which is more than I can say for Bruno!

Anyway, Alaina, I've got my fingers crossed for you! What name did you pick?


Stowe and Maria said...

I'm curious to hear what name you have picked out for him tell. I think Storm is a pretty cool name and I wouldn't change it.

Alaina said...

Oh, no I didn't mean Storm was a bad name! I just thought that he didn't really look like a storm. Mom said she liked the name Jasper, but I couldn't decide between Speed, Enzo, Peeta, and Gyreo. But Storm is a great name too!