Saturday, January 17, 2009

Storm-adoption pending!!

Foster mom and I went to the meet and greet today and Storm was returned to us there. Storm didn't do anything wrong at his previous home, it just wasn't the right situation for him. His new mom showed up 30 minutes later to claim him. How cool is that! Storm will be vacationing at our house for a few days until his new mom is ready to pick him up. He has only been here a short amount of time and we love him already. He has the most friendly disposition and seems to be much more mature then your typical 2 year old greyhound. He has met the resident greyhounds and is getting along very well with them. He seems to be a perfect gentleman. He is also a beautiful greyhound and he will be a hit in his new neighborhood. This will be a short fostering job for us, which is all the better for Storm. Congrats Storm, and congrats to his new mom!


alex said...

Congratulations Storm et al. He DOES look like a gorgeous fellow.

Zan said...

Yeah Storm!! I always like a happy ending.

Alaina said...

I wish I could be happy for him, but sadly I was begging my mother and father to get him for me.

Alaina (aka. Alex's daughter)