Sunday, December 28, 2008

Rooftop Wilma-Adopted!!!!

Today Wilma's Christmas wish came true. Today her forever family came to meet her and took her home with them. Foster mom and dad couldn't be happier. Wilma is landing in a terrific situation with a family that has two boy greyhounds, and needed a girl to keep them in line. Wilma is just the ticket for that. We wish Wilma all the best and are thrilled for her. Happy trails Wilma, we will miss you. If you ever need a place to rest your paws, the Hound Hotel will keep a light on for you.


alex said...

Congratulations Wilma! Santa came through (we knew he would), if a few days later than usual.But good things always come to those who wait.
I'm sure your foster mom and dad will miss you.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Fantastic for Wilma!


Addie said...

Hooray for Wilma! Wonderful news.



Stephen said...

Everyone needs a woman to keep them in line. Congratulations Wilma!!!

Zan said...

Wilma. Both humans and hounds at my house are happy for you. Now keep those boys in line!!!

Angela said...

Happy New Year with your new family Wilma! I'm so glad all of your birhtday and Christmas wishes came true!

ykngld said...

Miss Wilma,

Santa Drew and I sprinkled some of that magic dust on our travels in your area last week; I guess it did the trick little lass! We wish you the best in your new, forever digs...

Elf Garth

Brad said...

Wilma says hi to all who have sent so many good wishes her way. She is making herself quite comfortable at our house. She is in heaven being the only girl in the house.....she has two boy Greys to boss around and two human Daddies to manipulate as well. She is definitely trying to establish herself as the leader of the pack!

She is just a little doll! Everything that has been written about her is true. She is full of life and enjoys exploring everything. She is our 4th Grey and the quickest one to find the couch and bed.

Wilma wants to thank everyone again for all your support and we will keep you all posted. She especially wants to thank her foster mom and dad for such good care and the love they gave her while she was with them.

Brad said...

Well, Wilma is doing well one week into her new home. Last night, we had a small get together and decided that Wilma and her brothers should probably stay in the bedroom upstairs while the guests were here. At least until things settled down and people were settled. You know, we wanted to introduce Ms. Wilma to the neighbors in a controlled sort of fashion.

Well, Ms. Wilma was none to happy to be in the bedroom, even if she was with her two brothers. She was barking, scratching and carrying on like you would not believe. The next thing we knew, Wilma had escaped and got the boys in on the deal with her. Down the steps they all came with Wilma in the lead. Well, that little girl was very happy to be free and with the people. Martini glasses were flying through the air as of course, with Wilma being Wilma, everyone had to be jumped up on. Wilma's foster Mom and Dad told us she could open doors but it really is true!

Everyone took it really well. Of course, our neighbors all gave us the look........kind of like, are you serious about having a 3rd Greyhound.

After that, all was fine and today, Ms. Wilma is very tired after her big night. She is really getting comfortable in her new home as evidenced by the fact that for quite some time today, she has been upstairs snoozing on the big people bed while her brothers have been downstairs.

I think it is always neat to see a Greyhound make that move from being unsure about their new home and following their people around everywhere they go to doing what Wilma is doing today, just chilling out in her own space.