Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Full Wilma Treatment

Wilma is such a happy greyhound and she loves people a lot, and I mean a lot! Whenever we get home, she is so happy to see us that she is the first one to the door, tail wagging and ready to jump up on us to give us a big hug. She likes to tug on our coat sleeves as if to say, "don't ever leave again!" She jumps and spins around in the kitchen so happy that her foster family is back and she just just can't get enough hugs and pets. This is now known as the Full Wilma Treatment at the Hound Hotel. This lasts for a couple of minutes until she knows we are back to stay and then she can go back to her doggie bed and relax again. We are working to try to stop the jumping and tugging, but that will take a little time and will come as she gets a little older. And the truth is that she is such a happy girl and she not ready to be a sedate dog all the time. We don't mind that at all. If you come to meet Wilma, be assured, you will get the full Wilma treatment too. She makes it a lot of fun to come back home as I know at least one dog will mob me and be thrilled to see me when I get in the door. I was out taking photos of Wilma today and she started to run, and I quickly changed the camera to video mode and managed to get a video of some of it. The video is somewhat blurry, but you can see how fast she can run. I guess that is why they call it a blur of fur. If you would like to meet Wilma and get your fair share of the Full Wilma Treatment, please contact Denise Davis.


gyeong said...

We currently have a wild one too. She'll play by herself after everyone else has found a soft spot to recooperate. I'm thinking her forever home needs a fenced yard and kids to keep her outa trouble :)

Hiking Hounds said...

What a great blog you have too. I love finding out about new ones.


Zan said...

Wow!! She certainly has personality plus. Wilma, I hope you find a forever home before Christmas. You'll certainly be a prize for some lucky family!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

She wants to do agility!


Stowe and Maria said...

Your probably right Jen. She is a smart one and would probably be pretty very good at it.

Stephen said...

mmmmm....nice big flat yard! Jealous I am!

Angela said...

Attack of the greyhounds :) We get the same "treatment" from both Macy and Buford every time we come home...wagging tails, bouncing bodies, and lots of kisses - I love it!! I've enjoyed reading your blog - thank you for everything you do to help this wonderful breed!

Anne said...

Hi Stowe and Maria,
If you figure out how to tame the jumping, etc. when you come home, please call and let me know. My Lizzie Lulu has been with us over a year (4 yrs in January) and we are still working on taming the lady.
She looks very much like Wilma only dark brindle and white; very tall, very long legged and long body; at a happy 79 pounds.
S'Shadow (84 lbs) and all here in Annapolis are doing well. He cuddles in bed with both Helen and Bill now. We love him dearly--such a joy--and such an appetite.
I wish Wilma well and Happy New Home in the New Year!! She is adorable and very speedy. My kind of gal.
Merry Christmas to you both.