Friday, October 17, 2008

Galgo virtual adoption

The Scooby rescue group mentioned in the previous post has a program where people can virtually adopt a galgo. This is a pretty nice idea. For a reasonable fee, you can "adopt" a galgo at their rescue sanctuary and your fee pays for the care of the galgo. In exchange you will receive photos and news about "your" galgo. We can't bring all the galgos to the U.S. and we aren't all in a position to actually adopt one, so a virtual adoption as they call it, is the next best thing. It is similiar to the programs many zoos have where you can sponsor an animal. They also suggest "giving" a galgo in the form of a virtual adoption as a birthday present to someone else who cares about animals. Not a bad idea at all. In thinking about what we can do to help, we thought that one of the best things we can do for now is to let as many people know about the plight of the galgos as possible, and we will use this blog to do so. The more people that know, the sooner we can bring an end to this. The picture is of a galgo they have up for virtual adoption named Socrates. More dogs are on their website. On a lighter note, Greyhound Rescue has a new load of greyhounds in and they are up on the website. That means another foster dog should be in our near future. We are looking forward to that. We will also be at our meet and greet tomorrow at PetSmart from 11-2. Come out and see us!

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