Saturday, July 5, 2008

Peanut got a boo boo

Peanut got a cut on the end of her tail yesterday, so we had to break out the greyhound first aid kit and do a little work on her. We cleaned up the cut, disinfected it, and wrapped up her tail. Even though the cut is only at the end of her tail, we have to wrap most of her tail to keep the wrap from coming off. Aunt Denise says the wrap should stay on for 2-4 weeks to be on the extra safe side so that it will heal up completely. The dogs have a tendancy to keep opening up the wound as they keep wagging their tails and hitting them on things, so the wrap will prevent that. Peanut doesn't mind the wrap at all and I think she actually liked all the attention she was getting when we put it on. She is such a good girl.

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