Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Star Flight and Peanut, Part Deux

Star Flight and Peanut have been here for more than a full day now and we are pleased to report that they are doing very well. Star Flight is such a nice and gentle boy with terrific manners. He is also an affectionate boy who likes to follow mom and dad around the house. He wants to be part of a family that will give him the kind of TLC that he deserves. He doesn't counter surf, jump on people, or misbehave at all. He is eager to earn his rightful place in his permanent home. Peanut is progressing very well as a greyhound just off the track. She has almost learned the stairs in one day, and we should have that fully accomplished in a day or two. She is very friendly and has quite a bubbly, outgoing personality. She is not quite ready to be a complete couch potato so get ready to have some fun with this girl. Even so, she is still a greyhound and won't run you ragged. Her funny face will keep you in stiches! Here are a photo of Peanut learning how to relax on the deck, and Star Flight hanging out with our grey Snoops. Please contact Greyhound Rescue Inc if you would like to meet either of these two terrific greyhounds.

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