Sunday, March 2, 2008


Today has turned out to be a great day. A family drove four hours from Virginia to adopt Starburst, and he is on his way to his forever home now. They came to meet him and brought their greyhound, Slick, and they got along beautifully. Starburst was a perfect gentleman, as usual, and now has a permanent home. That is great news. I will say that Starburst is one greyhound that we are really going to miss. He has been a pleasure to have here and he can hang out with us anytime he wants. We look forward to seeing him again at the annual picnic. Good luck Starburst, and congratulations!


GreyFosterMom said...

Congratulations Starburst! And welcome to your first time at being in a home Comeback Here. Don't worry, you will have a new name and a forever home soon!!

luvmygreys said...

Starburst, now renamed Speed (for Speed Racer), is adjusting as well as any newly retired racer does. He has found his new bed up in our bedroom and has learned from our other grey, Slick, that the couch is a greyt thing. He taught himself how to get on the couch and did so without even asking permission (bold move). But that's ok with us, we figured he'd be up there soon. He's having some nighttime potty issues, but I'm sure those will solve themselves once he's used to our routine. He knows he's doing wrong when he does it, it's just that he's not used to the timing yet and doesn't know how he can communicate his needs to us yet.

He's a very big boy and oh so handsome. And he's such a gentle soul. I can't wait to get him out in the doggie field to let him do what he knows best. Maybe it'll spark Slick's interest in some exercise.

We are so glad to have him with us.