Monday, March 3, 2008

Comeback Here-Adoption Pending!!!!!!!

Great news again! It only took one day in his foster home for Comeback Here to get adopted! It will be official on Friday when his new family comes to pick him up. Until then, Comback Here will stay with his foster family and learn some more about being a retired greyhound. He has been practicing the stairs, and keeping in shape in the yard. He wants to be sure to look his best when his forever family comes to get him. Comeback Here can't wait to get out of here and get to his new home. He will be moving to the nations capital and plans to rub elbows and paws with the rich and powerful on Capitol Hill. He also has reservations at Planet Hollywood, where he says they should all know him, considering that he was a pro athlete! We are looking forward to giving him a big sendoff to his new home, but we will miss him. Comback Here can comback here and hang out anytime with his new greyhound buddies, and with his foster mom and dad.

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GreyFosterMom said...

Congrats, Comeback Here. Jelly and Bean are hoping to follow you soon!