Saturday, March 1, 2008

Comeback Here has come here!

The Hound Hotel is open for business and Aunt Denise has sent Comeback Here to hang out with us for a while. We picked up Comeback Here this afternoon and he is now starting his acclimation period in his foster home. The only problem with him is that when we say his name, other hounds start running to us! We will figure it out. He is a beautiful boy who looks like he will be a terrific greyhound. We can already tell that he will be a very well behaved hound. It is hard to believe that he hasn't been adopted already, but sometimes it takes a little time. We introduced him to our other hounds and to Starburst, our other foster greyhound, in the yard and he was perfect. He is in the house now and starting to learn how to relax. He laid down on his first doggy bed a few minutes ago, and seemed to like it a lot. The picture above of him is of the first time he has ever laid down on a doggy bed in a house. The picture up top is of Comeback Here, Starburst, and our dog Snoops, just hanging out together. He also really likes having his tummy rubbed. That seems to be the sweet spot with Comeback Here. As soon as I rub his tummy, he stops stressing, and just enjoys. Every dog has a sweet spot, we just have to find it. Stay tuned for more info about Comeback Here as we learn more about him.

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