Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Patty Ann learns the stairs

Patty Ann has been at the Hound Hotel for three days now and she is doing a great job as a foster dog. It took her all of 15 minutes of stair training to learn the stairs. Two trips up and two trips down is all that it took. Then she was off on her own up and down the stairs. Patty has had no accidents in the house and we have been giving her full run of the house while we have been gone. No problems at all. She a superbly behaved greyhound. She would be a terrific first greyhound for someone or a terrific addition to any family's greyhound pack. We aren't sure if she is small animal safe yet. She has a little bit of an alpha streak that will probably come out a little more with time, but we don't anticipate any issues with her. She is a good one. If you would like to meet Patty Ann, please contact Denise Davis.

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