Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dutch Patty Ann

Dutch Patty Ann, or just Patty Ann, has come to stay at the Hound Hotel. Patty hails from the Sunshine State where she did her racing, and has now made the trip up the coast to the Free State of Maryland. There are some dogs that you know you are really going to like as soon as you meet them. Patty Ann is one of those dogs. She is a really friendly, confident, and outgoing greyhound. She is three years old so she is done with her puppy days, and has matured to the point that she is friendly and energetic but not hyperactive at all. She is very well behaved and is getting along very well with the resident hounds. She is eating very well and already knows which food bowl is hers. She should be a very pleasant greyhound to have around the house. We didn't bother crating her last night as we didn't think she would need that. She slept in our room next to the resident hounds and didn't make a sound all night. We will be doing a little stair training today but other than that, she is ready for her future family any time. If you would like to meet Patty Ann, please contact Denise Davis.

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