Saturday, February 5, 2011

Nessa can roo!

We learned a funny thing about Nessa today. If you get her very excited, she will roo. I learned this when I had all the hounds around me and I was petting them all, getting them a little excited. She suddenly put her head back and began to roo. It was hilarious. Our dogs don't do that, so it was really funny to see her do that. Nessa has been here for a week now and she is doing great. She is an A+ dog. She is perfectly behaved, and we are having no issues at all with her. She just turned seven, but she has plenty of spunk left in her. She would like nothing better than to go on brisk walks and play in yard with her future family. She has learned our family routine quickly and seem just like one of the resident hounds already. She would do the same at your house. Would you like a perfect dog to join your family? Please call Denise Davis and schedule a meeting with Nessa. Above is a photo of Nessa just hanging out with the family.

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