Sunday, October 24, 2010

UMR Honey Cone

First, we should apologize for not updating the progress on our previous foster dog, Wasp. She got adopted at the annual picnic and is living happily ever after. We had gotten a little lax about updating the blog, but we will try to do better.

UMR Honey Cone arrived today at the Hound Hotel. We have been in the fostering business for a long time now, and have developed an intuition as to how the foster dogs will work out. Honey Cone is going to rank towards the top of the foster list. She is a four year old female that is pretty calm, very friendly, and very well balanced. She has some maturity to her so there is no puppy left in her. She isn't inclined to chew anything or destroy anything. She came in, checked out the house, and then took a spot on a doggie bed and took a nap. She ate all her food and has been drinking from the water bowl, and is showing very few signs of stress. That is terrific for a dog that has only been here for a few hours. We are already getting some tail wags out of her and she seems to be a very affectionate hound. She is a terrific, low maintenence hound that will be a terrific companion for her future family. She seems to have the right balance of energy and mellowness. She will love to go for walks and meet all the neighbors, but she isn't a wild child at all. She will allow her future family to experience the joy of having a greyhound right away with a very short transition period. She would make a great dog for a first time greyhound owner. If you would like to meet Honey Cone, please contact Denise Davis.

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