Monday, October 25, 2010

Honey Cone is a Honey!

Honey has been here for a day and you would think that she has been here for a few weeks already. Honey is acclimating so well to her foster home and is exceeding our expectations. The fact that she is four years old has a lot to do with that. She is a little more mature than your typical track dog, which makes the transition a lot easier. She taught herself to go up and down the stairs today, and is now following us all around the house. We have removed the barriers blocking much of the house, giving her complete access to the whole Hound Hotel. She isn't the destructive type, so we feel confident letting her walk around when she wants to. Having said that, she sticks to us like glue most of the time and can be found laying by our side most of time. She is also a very affectionate hound and likes her pets a lot, but knows when enough is enough. Honey is a very well balanced hound and she will be a terrific addition to someone's family. She is definitely worth a serious look if you are in the market for a greyhound. Please contact Denise Davis is you would like to meet her.

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