Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tater Tot!!

This afternoon the top secret greyhound spy phone rang. I answered and a muffled voice on the other end of the line said "The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain" That is the greyhound rescue code letting us know they have a dog that needs a foster home. I answered "Old Bay goes best on blue crabs," letting the muffled voice know that agents foster mom and dad are up for the mission. We donned our disguises and drove off in the greyhoundmobile to pick up the "package." Upon arriving at the secret greyhound dropoff point, we pulled up to a dark vehicle, rolled down our window, and exchanged code phrases. Agent X in the other vehicle said "Potatoes grow best in Idaho." I responded "Tubers and sour cream go well together." Having exchanged correct code phrases, the "package" was transfered to the greyhoundmobile and we brought her home. Tater has been with us for a few hours now and she is making a great impression. She has a very outgoing personality and is not shy at all. She is a little smaller than average, so she is nicknamed Tater Tot already. She drank water right away from the regular water bowl, and wolfed down a bowl of dry food, letting us know that nerves are not a problem for her. She is curious about everything and seems to be a very smart hound. She is already getting along very well with the resident hounds and seems to know her manners already. She is a young one, having just turned two a few days ago, so she has some energy. She will want to go for nice walks in the neighborhood and have a little play time with her future family. If you would like to meet Tater Tot, send this secret message to Denise at Greyhound Rescue, "Tots are best when they are crispy." She will respond "Crispy tots are best served with ketchup."

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