Monday, July 12, 2010

Tater is a fun little tot

Tater has been at the Hound Hotel for two days now, and she is settling in very well to retired life. Even though she is very young, having just turned two a week ago, she is very well behaved. We had expected that she would be a handful with her being so young, but she isn't. They usually have a lot of energy at that age, and take a few weeks to settle down, but Tater is mature beyond her years. While she is very playful and she loves to run, she is not a wild one by any means. Once she gets her morning run in, she settles down and sleeps just like any other greyhound. We also aren't bothering to crate her because she really doesn't need a crate. She sleeps in the bedroom with us and the resident hounds, and doesn't bother anyone. She is turning out to be a terrific foster dog, and we are really impressed with her. If you would like to meet Tater, please contact Denise Davis.

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