Friday, December 11, 2009

Quatro-Be Very Afraid

Be afraid, be very afraid of Quatro. You think that you are just looking at another greyhound. Sure, he is beautiful, friendly, a lot of greyhounds... but he is a little different. Be wary of Quatro. He may spoil you for all future greyhounds. Quatro is an ususually friendly greyhound. He likes to bury his head in your lap for extended periods of time and receive lots of petting. He likes to sneak onto the bed at night so he can rest his head on your leg. If you walk around the house he will follow you. If you sit in a chair you can be assured his head will be in your lap within seconds. If you look at him he will helicopter his tail. Quatro will start out the first day seeming like most other greyhounds. By the second day you will see that he isn't. Quatro is always ready to be your best buddy, your loyal companion, and your foot warmer at night. Quatro has won the hearts of his foster family and we can't wait to see him get a forever home. Just be advised. If you already have a greyhound, he will be a most welcome addition to your home. If you don't already have a greyhound, you will assume that all greyhounds are like Quatro. They are not. Just one word to the wise. Quatro needs a buddy if he is going to be left alone at home. He is a very social animal and does not like solitude. If you would like to meet Quatro, please contact Denise Davis. Enjoy the photos of Quatro(the brindle) and our new boy Abe.

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