Friday, December 18, 2009

Bed Hog

Quatro is a bed hog. Quatro is so people oriented and so friendly that he always wants to be near us. That includes at night. I have spent night after night taking him off the bed and putting him where he belongs with the other dogs. It hasn't worked so far. He waits for a few minutes until he thinks we are asleep again and then gets back on the bed and lays his head on us. Last night he inched his way up the bed and was laying next to me until I woke up and realized it. I let him stay there for a little while before taking him off the bed. He might be one of the friendliest and most lovable greyhounds we have fostered at the Hound Hotel for a long time. While we don't like the bed hog routine, it is tough to be mad at a greyhound that loves his people so much. He is a beautifully behaved greyhound and as friendly as they get. He loves to get and give pets. If you would like to have him as your own bed hog, just give Denise a call and schedule a meeting.

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Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

That would explain why he has some separation anxiety. He's a cutie! :-)