Saturday, July 11, 2009

Candy and Ivan!!

Candy and Ivan have arrived at the Hound Hotel. They are our 40th and 41st foster dogs. The good news is that they have already been spoken for. Their new family can't take them for a week so the Hound Hotel will take care of them until their new family is ready for them. They are a couple of live ones. They have already done some laps around the yard, and are ready for the retirement gig. We fed them shortly after we got them and they both ate like horses. That is a good thing. We are looking forward to spending the week with Candy and Ivan and can't wait to see them go their new home.


alex said...

What a handsome pair! I hope they are not "too" lively.
How lucky for their new owners that you will be showing them the ropes of retirement for the next week.
Best wishes to everyone at the Hound Hotel.

gyeong said...

I really like the fosters that are already spoken for. Can't accidentally foster-fail :)

alex said...

I have a link to your Petfinder's page at the bottom of my blog. I think I saw that "Candy" is a boy, I hope that someone is planning to give this chap a more masculine name! (lol)